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Murder mystery parties with The Murder Mystery Co. are crafted to make a one-of-a-kind experience that is perfect for any event! Everyone gets involved in the schemes concocted by our highly skilled mystery crew, and each party is guaranteed to have something for everyone.

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How to Throw a Mystery Party with The Murder Mystery Co.

Everything you need to have a personalized, unique crime scene for your next event!

Give us the details.For your murder mystery party, we need some basic clues- When, where, and why? When are you having it, where do you want it to take place, and what is your motive for holding the event? That is all we need to get started preparing for your party!

Choose your theme.We need to get a little personal. Are you the sort that would enjoy film noir, or 1980's hair metal? Would you like an awards banquet, or a 1950's sock hop? No matter what your tastes tend towards, we have the perfect mystery party theme for you!

Plan your party.Now that you've clued us in, it's our turn to help! We have suggestions for you to use every step of the way! From decorations, to music choice, to costume tips and tricks, we can point you in the right direction. From this point out, it is going to be easy!

FAQ: Murder Mystery Parties

I’ve never been to a murder mystery party, what can I expect?

Our mystery parties are the most immersive around. Your guests can expect to be steeped in the world of your choosing from the moment they arrive. We make your guests a part of the show and offer all in attendance a chance to win Detective of the Night.

Will my guests need to dress up?

Costumes are an absolute treat, but if your guests are not the dressing up types then worry not! Our shows include essential costume pieces for select guests in the audience.

How much will MY mystery party cost?

Our experts are standing by to answer the many questions that contribute to the cost of your event. Call (888) 643-2583 and let us find the best price for your party!

Can I make one of my friends the killer?

While we can’t guarantee that your guest of choice may be willing to participate we can certainly find ways to include anyone. We also offer customization options for those looking for a more personal touch!

Will the show be appropriate for younger audiences?

Absolutely, our shows play in the range standard movie ratings from G to R. We have mysteries for aspiring detectives from all walks of life.

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