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Looking for the perfect stress-free entertainment for your next birthday, holiday, or work celebration? Fill out the form and our private party planners will let you know how we can bring the best murder mystery party to your Nashville gathering!

Murder Mystery Parties in Nashville
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Nashville Murder Mystery Party Entertainment

Our event specialists are awaiting your call at (888) 643-2583, or you can fill out the contact form to be put in touch.

In Nashville, you can bring a once-in-a-lifetime experience to your next party or gathering. The Murder Mystery Company has created fully interactive, live mystery performances that will come to you. Your planning ends here with the perfect solution for any event!

To add to the fun of solving a murder mystery with your friends, family, or co-workers, we offer a variety of themes. Do you want the setting to be a celebrity awards banquet? A 1980s dance party? How about a 1930s speakeasy? We have them all, and we will bring them to you!

What sort of events can benefit from a murder mystery party? In Nashville, there is no better way to throw a birthday party. Is it time to find a new kind of team building event? Nothing builds teams like solving a crime. Is it your turn to plan the next holiday party? We have secular and non-secular themes for just this sort of occasion. You can’t go wrong when you bring in The Murder Mystery Company to your next event. Call us today!

Let's Start Planning!
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Popular Show Themes for Nashville Mystery Parties

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Midnight at the Masquerade

Midnight at the Masquerade

Attend the Billionaires’ Club Annual Masquerade Ball and get this soiree back on track by solving the crime before the masked menace gets away! Read More »

Totally 80's, Totally Murder

Totally 80's, Totally Murder

Help the crowd and the detective figure out who ruined this totally tubular night, so everyone can like, take a chill pill. Read More »

Crime and Pun-ishment

Crime and Pun-ishment

Jealous jilted lovers, a rival Mafioso, and even a couple undercover feds make the scene at this speakeasy, and no one’s talking. Read More »

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