What Is a Murder Mystery Party?

A murder mystery party is a themed event or party where attendees dress up to match a theme or assigned characters, and then work together to solve a fictitious murder which occurs during the party. The party guests not only have to investigate the murder, but they also become the suspects. By the end of the party, they must figure out who did it, how they did it, and why they did it. There will be clues that show the murderer, and no one else at the party, has a motive and opportunity. The most successful murder mystery parties will hire one or more professional “Murder-pros” who make sure that all of the needed clues get out, and to guide the guests in the right direction.

What Happens at a Murder Mystery Party?

Murder mystery parties are an immersive experience- Not only do the hosts come in costume, but the guests are encouraged to do so as well. Sometimes there will be additional props or items of clothing that stand out supplied to particular guests who are to be main suspects in the unfolding story. This helps to identify them more clearly to the other guests.

Mystery party can be tailored for groups of any number; even guest counts typically range from eight to 250 people. Depending on the size of the gathering, guests will work individually or on teams to solve the crime. In addition, they can have additional goals to accomplish. These goals can serve several purposes- They can bring certain clues to the attention of the guests, they can add flavor and personality to the event, or, they can even be used to send potential detectives off on a wild goose chase.

What to Expect as a Mystery Party Guest

No two murder mystery parties are the same, but there are some common elements that one can expect.

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