What Is a Murder Mystery Dinner?

A murder mystery dinner is a type of dinner theater in which audience members cooperate with each other and interact with performance cast members in order to solve a fictitious murder scene. Murder mystery dinner shows are most often comedic in nature and performed in coordination with the serving of a multi-course meal. The goal of a murder mystery dinner is for participants to gather clues provided throughout the plot and use them to deduce the identity and motive of the "murderer."

What Happens at a Murder Mystery Dinner?

If it is a fully-immersive show, guests will be welcomed into the world of the mystery by costumed actors, who will seat audience members, explain to them the rules of the game, and assign character roles. The roles played by audience participants are usually those of suspects who may have committed the crime. Props or light costuming may be offered to the guest, such as hats or glasses, to signal to other audience members that this person is involved in the show.

Most frequently, guests will be on a team with the others sitting at their tables, and will work together to solve the crime. They will have goals to accomplish throughout the show to figure out which suspect committed the crime.

What to Expect as a Mystery Dinner Audience Member

While every murder mystery dinner is different, they will usually follow the same general template.

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