The Murder Mystery Company Reviews

Al Pacino raves about his experience with The Murder Mystery Company's actors

Privately hosted murder mystery dinner party for Fergie's 30th Birthday

The Murder Mystery Company puts on a one of a kind show for Beverly D'Angelo

Detective Peter Ness is on the case with Brittany Snow!

CJ 'Lana' Perry sets wrestling aside for a night of intrigue with The Murder Mystery Company

'Sugar' Shane Mosley attending a private murder mystery dinner hosted by The Murder Mystery Company.

You guys were incredibly invested. Incredibly talented. To be that invigorating for that amount of time was astounding. It was incredible to watch!
— Al Pacino
I had a blast! Thank you for making my birthday so special.
— Fergie
You guys are so much fun! I want to do this every Saturday!
— Beverly D'Angelo
I wasn't sure what to expect but I was blown away. Even though we didn't solve the case, I had so much fun!
— Shane Mosley

Companies for whom we've performed

A great, interactive, fun dayaway!
— Kellie Reed, Amway Corporation
I will definitely be working with The Murder Mystery COmpany crew in the future!
— Blair Bradford, Mcdonald's USA
Absolutely brilliant! The Murder Mystery Company is what made this day a success.
— Keith Wilmot, Coca–Cola
What a great entertaining performance! It really did take us back to the 80's!
— Mary Carr, General Electric
Unanimously this will go down as one of the best team building events we've ever had!
— Debbie Wahner, Kelloggs
That performance was funny, edgy, and engaging!
— Carlos Ontiveros, Make A Wish Foundation
We've never had such a magical night that didn't involve a mouse!
— Julian Aquiano, Walt Disney

In the News

If your dinners out have gotten dull of late, some murder mayhem, femmes fatales, and sudden plot twists could liven things up.
Shirley Goh, The Boston Globe
The next generation of entertainment is experiential entertainment, where people get out of the house and go and get a unique experience.
Mark Cuban, Chicago Theater Beat
Murder means business for this company where truly anything can happen. Choose from any number of themes or create your own murder-mystery event.
Jennifer Eberhart, CBS New York
My friend Jamie, from my hang gliding adventure, joined me for the evening. Mona the French Maid greeted us at the door and led us back to the party. When we walked it, we were interrogated and had our mug shots taken.
52 Things 52 Weeks
The evening was a LOT of fun! We had some great tablemates which definitely added to the antics. The whole experience was much more interactive than I had thought it would be.
Maureen Fitzgerald, Wisconsin Mommy
The killer comedy is a whodunit mystery. The audience will get to try and figure out the mystery with their tablemates. There will be a fun award for the best dressed.
Murder She Wrote meets Cluedo with the Murder Mystery Company, who pride themselves on being the “the experts in mystery entertainment”, offering public and private interactive murder mysteries.
Vacation Idea
The Murder Mystery Company brought the popular board game of Clue to life Sept. 12 by encouraging students to be a part of one killer evening.
Elisa Garcia, The Panamerican
I would love to go again and both my husband and I give it two really big thumbs up as a date night experience! It certainly beats the dinner and a movie date night by a longshot.
Elisa Garcia, The Panamerican
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