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Job Details: Troupe Director - Boston, MA

To apply for this position, email CV, resume, and headshot directly to

Seeking an organized and diligent candidate for the position of troupe director for The Murder Mystery Co. The individual will be responsible for taking charge as a strong, competent leader and enthusiastic role model for The Murder Mystery Co.'s troupe in Boston, Massachusetts.

Position Title: Troupe Director - Boston, MA Department: Production Employment Type: Sub-contract — permanent Location: Boston, MA Compensation: $14.00 hourly

Job Description:

This position will require a set amount of hours per week, depending on the quantity of shows scheduled. Regular duties will consist of the following:

  • presiding over weekly rehearsals in a location central to the troupe
  • attending mandatory company-wide conference calls once per month (scheduled six months in advance)
  • attending and facilitating auditions for new actors as needed and making final hiring decisions (a minimum of two auditions per year)
  • preparing and building show bins for upcoming scheduled performances
  • reorganizing and checking show bins once returned from scheduled shows and following up on post-show reports (can be delegated to AD with monitoring)
  • casting upcoming scheduled shows no less than three weeks in advance
  • reporting both director and, if applicable, AD hours weekly
  • depositing all show payments and mugshot sales (if applicable)
  • working with regional managers to maintain up-to-date inventory

Works about 30 hrs./wk. (flexible schedule). Hours are determined based on shows booked in a given week; seasonal months have more consistent week-to-week hours (no less than 10 hrs./wk.). All rehearsals take place near the downtown Boston, MA area, and all performances take place within the Northeastern United States.

I like how most everyone is pushed towards improving individually rather than just as a one unit system. We are all different and perform differently. I like that this is recognized.
Amanda Sales Representative
9 months
The monthly games that the company plays create a fun work place. Also the ability to move up the ladder. Not only the ability to move up, but also the actual moving up the ladder, some places say that but don't actually mean it. Here, it can definitely happen.
Tyler Digital Marketing Assistant
3 months
The staff is amazing - everyone is so kind and passionate and there are so many creative ideas constantly popping up. People are really driven to succeed, but while we work really hard, we also have fun! Most of all, though, I love that I got to make my favorite hobby my full-time career.
Anessa Logistics Manager
2 years
Working with our team is incredibly rewarding, especially the way everyone works harder together on challenging situations. Also, I really enjoy the happiness we provide for our clients. It's really great that we provide events for very young children all the way up to retirees.
Adam Client Consultant
8 years
The Murder Mystery Company