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Job Details: National Production Manager

Position filled on: Tuesday, April 3, 2018

The National Production Manager oversees all 24 troupe locations across the country and works in tandem with troupe directors and actors to cast, prepare, and perform roughly 5,000 shows annually.

Position Title: National Production Manager Department: Production Employment Type: Full-time Location: The Murder Mystery Co. HQ, 4550 Airwest Dr. SE, Kentwood, MI 49512

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Working with directors and actors to cast shows that have trouble being cast, as well as shows that need to book last minute.
  • Cultivating the morale and interactions with HQ that meet the company's culture requirements among the directors and actors.
  • All troupe transitions and new director acquisition along with all director training and leadership growth throughout their career.
  • All director accountability for director's duties, tasks, and assignments to ensure a director's success within the troupe.
  • Ensuring all troupes have the proper materials and clear, effective communication with the Logistics Department.
  • Setting up and running troupe biannual auditions.
  • Working with the Accounting Department regarding all director/actor pay submissions, concerns, and reviews.
  • Working with the Media/Video Department for all training video needs.
  • Managing all director communication between all departments and directors.
  • Tracking all departmental data using current structures on a weekly, monthly, and annual basis.
  • Responsible for maintaining the 24-hour Emergency Hotline for all actors/directors; a mobile phone can be provided or a work line can be routed to a private phone line.

Qualifications & Requirements:

This position is highly customized to American Immersion Theater's company structure. AIT is looking for candidates who are proficient in leadership skills and interpersonal relationship building. While candidates may have past theater experience or data tracking experience, the job duties are easily taught and improved with consistent training throughout a candidate’s career. What cannot be lacking upon application is the candidate’s drive for follow-through, the desire for situational knowledge and communication, and a deep interest in interpersonal relationships between the candidate and the directors. AIT is looking for a leader who is excited to teach others how to become leaders and teachers, and who succeeds through the success of others.

This position has been filled
The staff is amazing - everyone is so kind and passionate and there are so many creative ideas constantly popping up. People are really driven to succeed, but while we work really hard, we also have fun! Most of all, though, I love that I got to make my favorite hobby my full-time career.
Anessa Logistics Manager
3 years
We talk to many people everyday and we get to help them plan great moments of their life. We make a lot of friends and some that work with us on a regular basis. The best thing is we give them something they will never forget.
Chuck Sales Representative
2 years
Working with our team is incredibly rewarding, especially the way everyone works harder together on challenging situations. Also, I really enjoy the happiness we provide for our clients. It's really great that we provide events for very young children all the way up to retirees.
Adam Client Consultant
10 years
The Murder Mystery Company