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An Office Christmas Party Theme to Die For

The busiest time of year for The Murder Mystery Company is always around the holidays. Whether it is for a full-on Christmas party, a more holiday-neutral corporate office party, or something in between, a murder mystery party is a fantastic idea that never fails to deliver. When you book The Murder Mystery Company for your event, all the hard workRead More

Company Holiday Party Ideas

Employees spend the whole year looking forward to their office holiday parties, and when the time finally arrives, it would be a bummer to not live up to the hype. Workplace festivities can be amazing when you have ideas for unique and exciting celebrations. We here at The Murder Mystery Company HQ have some awesome corporate holiday party ideas forRead More

Halloween Party Ideas from The Murder Mystery Co.

Greetings, Detectives! Whether you like things cute and kooky or creepy and spooky, there is definitely something for everyone when it comes to celebrating on the evening of October 31st. We’re party people here at The Murder Mystery Company HQ, and we’ve compiled a list of the top five Halloween party ideas just for you! 5. Haunted House Adults andRead More

Famous Mystery Writers and Their Characters: The Butcher Edition

Today we’re going to step away from some of the old classic detectives and shine some light on one of the coolest contemporary private eyes to be written on paper! The character of supernatural private investigator and professional wizard, Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden, is written by author Jim Butcher in his currently ongoing series “The Dresden Files.” Jim Butcher hasRead More

The Mystery of the Dancing Plague of 1518

There are many unsolved mysteries that exist across the globe, some of which strike fear into the heart of the masses, but not all mysteries are scary. Some of them are just downright bizarre and baffling, making us stop and wonder what was actually going on. The Dancing Plague of 1518 is one of those mysteries, which has puzzled historiansRead More

The Voynich Manuscript Mystery

The Voynich Manuscript was purchased in 1912 from the Order of Jesuits living at the Villa Mondrogone, who were discreetly selling some of their holdings in order to bolster their impoverished coffers, by a man named Wilifrid Voynich . Though Polish by birth, he was a British citizen living in London. He acquired the book at the Villa Mondragone, whichRead More

Famous Mystery Writers and Their Characters: The Doyle Edition

Having given a gracious nod to the silver tongued wordsmith Poe, let us turn our gazes ever forward to another literary genius in history, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The man is almost as fascinating as his most famous fictional character, our beloved favorite, Detective Sherlock Holmes. Doyle was a Scottish physician and writer who popularized more than just his mostRead More

The Mystery of the Somerton Man

It’s December 1st, 1948 in Southern Australia and one of the world’s strangest unsolved mysteries has taken place. At 6.30 a.m. the body of an unidentified man, now known as the Somerton Man, is found. I’ll save you the details of his death because, frankly, that’s the least interesting part of this case. The initial crime, a man found deadRead More

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