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Murder Mystery Dinner Theater Parties

The Experts in Mystery Entertainment

The Murder Mystery Company is performing thrilling mysteries across the nation! We are serving up delicious dinner and devious murder at weekly public shows and at your private parties! Anything can happen during our comedic Clue-style performances, and everyone in attendance will have the opportunity to solve the case. We operate nationwide, so you are never too far from one of our murderously fun nights of mystery dinner theater. Use our Find Tickets form to locate the public venue nearest you, or call our experts today to start planning your own killer party full of murder and intrigue.

Public Murder Mystery Dinner Shows

As America’s most popular dinner theater company, The Murder Mystery Company performs more than 5,000 shows a year. Our performances dish up a delicious dining experience that pairs nicely with an immersive murder mystery straight out of a detective novel! No longer do you have to decide between going to dinner or a show first, because our mystery nights deliver both at the same time! Perfect for whenever you want to do something a little different, a night out with the experts in mystery entertainment promises to be an unforgettably thrilling evening.

Host Your Own Private Murder Mystery Party

If a public dinner theater performance isn’t your thing, we can bring our professionally trained actors to your next private event to turn your party into a murder mystery extravaganza! Whether you’re hosting a birthday party, business event, holiday get-together, or any other gathering, we can make it a killer murder mystery party to remember. Your guests will get the chance to solve a comedic murder mystery case just like a detective, and you can be the proud host of an entertaining and interactive mystery event!

Company News

We have exciting news, daring detectives! Our signature Clue-style mysteries are popping up in some killer new locations, and we need your help to investigate the crimes. Join us for an unforgettable evening of sleuthing and solving in Atlanta, Denver, or Washington, D.C.!

Our intriguing murder mystery dinners are also waiting for you in amazing places like Los Angeles, Miami, and Houston! You’re guaranteed to have a murderously fun night while you interrogate shady suspects, examine evidence, and enjoy a delicious meal at any of our fantastic venues.