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Now Showing Wanted Dead or Alive
Wanted Dead or Alive

Grab your gun and get on down to the local watern' hole, there’s gonna be all kinds of fun during this wild west shootout.  The sheriff in town doesn’t seem to be very good at his job, so it’s up to you to figure out who is behind all these hinky hijinks.   With spurned lovers, cocksure gunslingers, and all manner of suspicious folk filling up this saloon, you are sure to have a rip roaring time no matter what happens, or who happens to get plugged.  Wear your best western gear, cowboy hats, and saloon outfits, and get ready for a rowdy night of shootin’, clue wranglin’, and case crackin’ by finding tickets or calling (888)643-2583(CLUE) today.

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  • sheriff questions man in cowboy hat
  • Sheriff and western man talk
  • western woman and man talk about the mystery
  • Sheriff asks suspect questions
  • woman laughs as sheriff asks her a question
  • Man and sheriff laugh and talk
  • western men reads clues to the mystery
  • western woman in elaborate dress stands with group and poses
  • western man makes funny face for the camera
  • sheriff questions little cowboy
  • sheriff questions cowgirl
  • sheriff questions western woman
  • western group poses
  • sheriff answers cowboy suspect's question
  • cowgirl makes funny face
  • western couple poses for the camera
  • sheriff adjusts his hat as suspect answers his question
  • suspect denies accusations of guilt while crowd laughs
  • woman shrugs off the sheriffs suspicions
  • woman and sheriff discuss the mystery
  • men get ready for a shoot out
  • sheriff and woman investigate the mystery
  • sheriff interrupts a shoot out
  • man in tall hat laughs
  • western group investigates the mystery