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There is more to fear than sharks and undertow in the Ocean State with The Murder Mystery Company chumming the water!  While we are not currently running public shows in Rhode Island, you can still reel in a killer show by selecting one of our great themes for your next private event.  Our professionally trained performers will greet your guests at the door, transform them into crazy characters, and give them the night of a lifetime trying to solve their very own murder mystery!  Don’t miss out on the fun, fill out our form or call (888) 643-2583 (CLUE) to get started with The Murder Mystery Company today.

  • man and woman laugh in surprise
  • men clap for murder mystery show
  • women laugh and smile at murder mystery show
  • suspects line up for investigation
  • woman in funny glasses talks to female detective
  • man tries to steal everything including the speakeasy sign
  • woman knows who the killer is
  • group raises their hands because they know who the killer is
  • men watch the murder mystery show
  • couple smiles at murder mystery show
  • couple watches murder mystery show
  • man laughs at murder mystery show