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Stanford and Son's - Overland Park

The Murder Mystery Company doesn’t just take a stab at interactive dinner theater in the Heart of America at Stanford's in Kansas City, Kansas, we kill it.  We give you a night of mystery, intrigue, and murder you will never forget.  Enjoy a delectable three course meal while you solve the mystery of whodunit by grilling suspects for clues and gathering information to uncover a killer!  Just choose a venue or give us a ring at (888) 643-2583 (CLUE) to get your seats today!

If you would rather mingle with suspicious loved ones than mysterious strangers, check out our private shows!  We have a selection of perfect themes to choose from that are sure to thrill your guests for any occasion.  If you are planning an event in the Kansas City area, we can put on an exceptional interactive show!  Your friends will have a killer night of fun when they become the suspects in their own personal murder mystery.  It’s easy, just browse our themes or call (888) 643-2583 (CLUE) for all the clues to make your next event murderously fun.

  • group of suspects pose for their mugshot
  • woman laugh as murder mystery suspect makes a joke
  • group of 1920's hollywood dressed characters pose for the camera
  • woman questions suspect
  • suspects laugh
  • guests read the rules of the mystery
  • men clap for the show
  • women laugh and smile at the funny murder mystery show
  • suspects line up
  • man questions group of older women
  • man questions older woman in boa while she smiles
  • man questions laughing geek dressed man
  • suspects laugh
  • woman in funny glasses laughs at suspect's question
  • couple dances
  • table of guests tries to figure out the killer
  • table of guests raises their hands because they know who the killer is
  • female suspect holds microphone
  • couple laughs at the show
  • man feels that someone is being suspicious