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Murder Mystery in Georgia!

"Absolute Blast! Almost wet my pants! The actors with The Murder Mystery Company are hilarious and stay in perfect, goofy character from time of arrival. They make the experience so interesting and then interacting with everyone else in the room makes every time different and so much fun. I have been to two murders and each was different; first with my family which was a blast but I didn't interact nearly as much with the other strangers in the room as the second time when it was just with the boyfriend. It really takes some thought to pay attention to all the clues and tiny details when you arent sure what info can be trusted :) I highly recommend The Murder Myster Company for an interesting, comedic evening!" - Taphena M

Things might seem peachy keen in Georgia, but mystery, intrigue, and murder linger in every shadow.  There are no public shows in Georgia at this time, but you can still have a killer time in the peach state at your next event with The Murder Mystery Company!  Let us make your next party stress free so you can relax and watch your friends be transformed into kooky characters, spend the evening collecting clues, and sleuthing to solve the crime!  Pick one of our amazing themes and start planning your murder today by filling out our form or calling
(888) 643-2583 (CLUE).

  • Group of Murder Mystery Suspects
  • group of suspects and detective stand around a crime scene
  • lady detective looks for clues
  • detective is lost
  • woman in white descends stair with a crime scene behind her
  • woman in red stands over a body