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All of the below murder mystery dinners last up to 2 hours, but length can be adjusted for the occasion.   Regardless of your selection each script can be tailored to your individual event.

Our Themes

Our Themes

Crime and Pun-ishment

Got a beef wiseguy? Well take it down to Lou Zar's speakeasy where someone's packin' heat and ready to pop one of the guests. Can you solve the crime in this 1920's themed Murder Mystery or are you gonna end up swimmin with the fishes?


A Dance with Death

The Class of '57 is having a prom and you're invited! Golly, doesn't that sound neat? Don't go ape just yet though because someone at the prom has murder on their mind. Can you solve the crime before it's time to split?


Murder at the Masquerade

It's the Billionaire's Annual Masquerade Ball and the room is full of glitz and glamour. But someone in the crowd has murder on the mind. Can you unmask the killer before they disappear into the night?


'Til Death Do Us Part

It's our bride's wedding day but the wedding bells aren't ringing because there's been a murder! Can you catch the killer and get those wedding bells ringing before the bridezilla goes ballistic?


Now You See It, Now You Don't

This mystery, without the murder, is perfect for kids and families. The local museum is unveiling their latest acquisition, the Lickety-Split Diamond. Only there's a cat burglar on the loose and they've pinched the precious jewel. Can you catch the thief in this caper before they hot foot it away?


Totally 80's, Totally Murder

It's the return of your favorite 80's singer, Poison Ratetnstein and you're headed to his totally radical comeback tour. But call the cops because there's a killer on the loose. Can you catch them before another one bites the dust?


Of Sound Mind and Dead Body

The World's Greatest Magician Great Scott is in town. You can't wait for this night of magic and mystery. But someone in the crowd has murder on their mind? Can you pull a murderer out of a hat or will they perform their own disappearing act?


It's the Most Wonderful Crime of the Year

It's the holiday season and everything is supposed to be merry and bright at the company's holiday party. The entertainment for the evening isn't everything you expected and someone in the crowd wants to off someone else. Can you pin down this holiday hit man before he ho ho ho's it out of there?