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Now Showing Murder at the Masquerade
Murder at the Masquerade
Rating: PG 10-13

Deception is the mask covering every face at  the Billionaires’ Club Annual Masquerade Ball. A carefree masquerade ball comes to a crashing halt when a guest drops dead on the ballroom floor, and a masked murderer is on the loose at the party! It is up to you to figure out which partygoer is guilty.  Help get this party back on track by trading clues with the guests, gathering information, and solving the crime before the masked menace gets away! 

Venetian masks, ball and evening gowns, and suits and tuxes are the fashion trend at this event, so come dressed to impress. Save your seat at your venue with The Murder Mystery Company for this gasp filled gala by clicking or calling (888) 643-2583(CLUE) today.
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  • Masquerade couple watches the show
  • masked couple laughs
  • mardi gras masked women pose for the camera
  • masked women smile and pose
  • masked girls strike an interesting pose
  • group of masked teenagers
  • well dressed masked couple poses
  • well dressed masked couple in blue poses for the camera
  • woman and maid pose for the camera
  • man and masked man laugh and smile
  • group of customers laugh at the funny murder mystery show
  • strange dressed couple pose for camera
  • fancy dressed masquerade couple laugh at the show
  • group poses for the camera
  • group of masked people pose
  • detective questions masked suspects
  • fancy dressed masked couple poses for the camera
  • masked jester couple receive best dressed award
  • reconstruction era dressed couple pose for camera
  • venetian masked couple smile for the camera
  • group of young masked women poses for the group
  • group of masked people mulls over the clues
  • masked people interact at the show
  • masked couple wins the best dressed award
  • masked man laughs as the detective investigates