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michigan murder mystery


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Eastepoint Manor - Eastpointe

Pietros - Grand Rapids

Charlotte Dinner Train

Not feeling up to a night of mystery out on the town? We have the perfect option for you! Just choose one of our private themes and we will come to your home or the venue of your choosing anywhere in Grand Rapids, Detroit, and the surrounding areas. From there, we will  put on a spectacular show for your group of friends, family or coworkers!  Watch your guests become suspects and detectives as they gather information, bribe others for clues, and attempt to determine whodunit. Click here to browse our themes or call (888) 643-2583 (CLUE) for more clues on setting up your night of mystery.

  • suspects line up for a mugshot
  • 1920's hollywood characters come to life in our show
  • actor interrogates suspect
  • detective and suspect laugh
  • guests read the rules of mystery
  • guests clap
  • female guests laugh and pose
  • suspects line up for investigation
  • suspect and guest share a mic
  • suspect and woman laugh
  • guy in funny outfit talks to suspect
  • suspects laugh
  • woman in funny glasses smiles
  • suspect attempts to steal everything
  • group of people trying to solve the mystery
  • two 1950's dressed women pose in their geek costumes
  • table of suspects raise their hands
  • female suspects laughs while holding mics
  • masquerade dressed couple poses

Get up to some mysterious mischief in Michigan at our Detroit show in East Pointe Manor or at Pietro’s in Grand Rapids.  You can’t lose with tickets to a two hour interactive show alongside a mouthwatering three course meal, topped off with a side of murder! Gather information, bribe shady suspects for clues, and do your best to solve the crime in a night of mystery, intrigue, and murder.  All you have to do is chose a location or call (888) 643-2583 (CLUE) to snag seats with The Murder Mystery Company today.