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Murder Mystery Dinner


Hey Detectives.

describe the imageThe Murder Mystery Company is the Largest Murder Mystery Dinner theater company in the nation. Over ten years experience in over seven states. We come to you, we supply the murder and we solve it together. No Murder Mystery Dinner is too small or too large. If you have a friend, family member or colleague that you want to accuse of murder, we have a Scarlet that can get the truth out of anybody. Host a Murder Mystery Dinner, we have a murder for you no matter where it is. we'll have a killer time.

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Murder Mystery Boston


Hello Detectives,

        I had the awesome opportunity to visit Hubspot TV in Boston and tell them about The Murder Mystery Company.  This was done live in front of a few hundred people!  It was truly amazing to be asked to speak in Boston on Hubspot TV... the downside is the audio is not the best.  But if you listen really hard.. you'll see hear me being funny and hyper awesome.


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