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Welcome to The Murder Mystery Company: The Experts in Mystery Entertainment. We perform public and private interactive murder mysteries in which somebody will die in a comedic way, and everyone will have the opportunity to solve the crime. Imagine being in a live-action detective novel, and the true killer could be anyone... even you! The Murder Mystery Co. now operates nationwide, performing weekly interactive mystery shows. Use our find tickets form to see if there are any shows near you!

 private_events-1Looking to solve the case of the perfect party?

From smaller events, such as birthday parties, on up to larger corporate gatherings and everything in between, we have the sure-fire event for you. 

The Murder Mystery Company’s professionally trained actors bring the intrigue and excitement of a live-action detective story to your event. Our mystery experts know just how to entertain your guests from the very moment they arrive. We fully immerse the audience members in the mystery by turning them into suspects and sleuths and by encouraging them to deduce their way to the final reveal of the show, where the killer is uncovered. 

To start plotting your mystery today, call: 

1-888-643-CLUE (2583)
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The Murder Mystery Company is America’s most popular dinner theater, with over 5,000 nationwide performances a year. Buy tickets to the show in your city that’s dishing up a delicious  three-course meal with a side of murder!

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